Unleashing Our Quality Of Life Possibilities

Malcolm believes quality health care is a right, that families deserve to be safe, and that we can beautify our communities.


Malcolm believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and that all Philadelphians should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Addressing the social determinants of health will unleash greater quality of life for North Philadelphia and others facing similar disparities. That means we need to expand Medicare and Medicaid so that all Pennsylvania’s have access to quality care. Malcolm believes that gun violence must be stemmed through supporting laws that give more control to local municipalities on issues of gun control, and investing in grassroots non-violence programs that provide support and opportunity for young people. Malcolm believes in reforming our criminal justice system and ending mass incarceration as a detriment to American society writ large. Philadelphia is suffering from the effects of mass incarceration and we must end it. This issue is equally a health and accountability issue. An expansion of Medicaid will help individuals struggling with drug addiction access the rehabilitative care they need. Malcolm also supports maintaining and expanding programs like the Community Reinvestment Act at the state level. We should utilize programs like CRA to increase place-based community reinvestment in low- and moderate-income communities. Finally, Malcolm understands that climate change has and will continue to have disparate effects on low-income communities. Malcolm is supportive of the incorporation of greater environment regulation to protect our communities.

  • Stem gun violence
  • Universal Health care
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Empowering and investing in local organizations
  • Protecting our environment

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Unleashing Our Economic Possibilities

Malcolm believes that confronting systemic poverty and raising wages for working people is the most important moral and economic issue of our time.