Unleashing Our Educational Opportunities

Malcolm believes that we need the greatest investment in public education in Pennsylvania history.


Malcolm believes in a fair school funding formula that carefully takes the needs of every school district into account. It’s time for Harrisburg to step up and provide the education funding our students deserve. In 2012, Pennsylvania ranked 44th in the percentage share of education costs covered by the state. Localities across the Commonwealth have been saddled with raising money through property taxes to fund their district schools, which disproportionately burdens low-income communities in need. Additionally, Malcolm supports using blighted factories and property across Philadelphia as “innovation hubs” for apprenticeship programs, specifically for people of color in emergent industries such as cyber-security, coding and high-tech manufacturing. Creating innovation hubs will help capture the interests of students who have been left out of traditional, four-year college pipelines. Malcolm believes we must make public universities free for low-income families. Finally, Malcolm supports making it easier for students to consolidate their debt and increasing funding for debt forgiveness programs. This campaign supports students at every level of development.

  • Fair Funding Formula for K-12 schools
  • Creating innovation hubs
  • From daycare to college, making it more affordable
  • Free public college for low-income families

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Unleashing Our Economic Possibilities

Malcolm believes that confronting systemic poverty and raising wages for working people is the most important moral and economic issue of our time.